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Submission Call: MODUS OPERANDI

CultureCult invites mystery/crime fiction submissions for publication in its themed anthology "MODUS OPERANDI" (Expected release: October 2023). The final date of submission is September 14, 2023


Modus Operandi gets its name from the Latin phrase that easily translates to Mode of Operating. However, the phrase now possesses a sinister meaning because it is often used in criminal investigations to denote a habitual criminal's method or patterns of behaviour.

The stories which delve into the modus operandi of a criminal mind, shall be preferred for publication.

Feel free to wow us with your original plot, or create something great with inspiration from any of our writing prompts below:

  1. A series of ritualistic murders shakes a quiet town, each crime committed according to a specific pattern. The detective on the case realizes that the killer's modus operandi is deeply rooted in historical events and local legends.

  2. A charismatic illusionist becomes the prime suspect in a series of art heists, all involving vanishing acts that defy explanation. The detective must untangle the illusionist's complex modus operandi, which blurs the line between magic and misdirection.

  3. An obsessive serial killer resurfaces after years of silence, leaving behind victims whose deaths are meticulously staged to resemble scenes from classic literature.

  4. In a quiet seaside town, a spate of arson cases leaves the community in fear. Each fire is set using an uncommon method and follows a meticulous pattern, but the reason behind the seemingly random targets remains a mystery.

  5. A string of high-profile cybercrimes baffles investigators as they all seem to bear the hallmarks of a shadowy hacking group. Each hack employs an intricate modus operandi involving encryption, riddles, and elaborate puzzles.



Short Story: (between 1500 - 8000 words) Send no more than ONE short story per submission.

Flash Fiction: (between 50-1500 words) Send no more than TWO flash fictions per submission.

We are accepting TRANSLATED WORKS as well. Submission of translated works must be accompanied by a statement declaring that the translator has obtained the author’s permission and their publisher’s, if required.

Simultaneous Submissions are welcome but the author must inform us by e-mail as soon as the submitted piece is accepted elsewhere. Pieces cannot be withdrawn once CultureCult Press informs the author of its acceptance for publication.

We consider reprints but generally do not publish them unless they are absolutely exceptional.


At present, we are unable to pay our contributors. However. each contributor shall receive a COMPLIMENTARY DIGITAL COPY of the anthology as soon as it publishes.


Manuscripts should directly be sent to

Emails must have the subject line "Submission for Modus Operandi"

Please submit your files in the following formats: .doc /.docx /.txt. DO NOT submit PDFs. 


CultureCult Press and its imprint use non exclusive rights to publish in its anthologies and website. Authors are free to republish their work anywhere else once it has been published.


Please submit only original pieces. CultureCult Press or the editor/s of the anthology shall not be responsible for any disputes arising out of copyright infringement.


Each piece MUST be attached with a short bio of the author, preferably within 100 words, and if possible, a photograph to go with the publication.

NOTE: We typically reply within a month after receiving submissions. However, replies can be delayed under unforeseen circumstances.

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